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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to answer the call of our faith in caring for orphans by improving the lives of all Muslim foster children. We do this by supporting the foster families who care for them, through community education, support networks, and advocacy.

Our Story

Imagine a child being removed from his/her home because of neglect, abuse, war, or another tragedy just to be placed with a family that does not share their faith, culture, or language.

Unfortunately, that is the reality for many Muslim children that through no fault of their own, enter a foster care system that is unfamiliar with their faith, and have very few licensed Muslim foster homes to go to. This concern was what drew together mothers Ranya Shbeib and Sameena Zahoor, the founders of Muslim Foster Care Association.

Ranya and Sameena soon realized that there needed to be an easier way for Muslim foster families to connect with one another for advice and support. They also recognized that there were many Muslim foster children being placed in homes of other faiths, because of the lack of licensed Muslim foster families available.

Although there were many Muslim social service organizations in Michigan providing great services to our communities, none focused on foster care.

In the summer of 2016, the friends began the journey to establish the first Muslim Foster Care Association, a non-profit organization to bring voice and support to the voiceless and neglected.

Starting from providing networking and support to Muslim foster families, to being a valued partner and resource for all the major placement agencies in Michigan, there has been no looking back for the MFCA.

Since then, we have dynamically expanded our services and our outreach across Michigan, created programs to serve Muslim foster children and those who care for them, and helped hundreds of Muslim children in the foster care system feel supported and cared for.

Our Impact

At the Muslim Foster Care Association, we strive to enable Muslim children in the foster care system to thrive, flourish and be their best as human beings, Muslims, and contributing members of society. Every year we serve over 200 Muslim children in the foster care system throughout Michigan and with the help of our generous donors, raise thousands of dollars to fund our programs. Our goal is to create innovative solutions to the challenges faced by Muslim youth in various stages of their transition.

Stories of Impact

Here are some of our stories highlighting how the MFCA impacts youth’s journeys through the foster care system. 

Empowering through Mentorship: Transforming Lives in the Muslim Foster Youth Community

It is with immense pride that we shine a spotlight on our ongoing Muslim foster youth mentorship program, which is orchestrating remarkable transformations in the lives of our participants. This initiative embodies our unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of...

The Refugee Youth Experience: Shofi’s Story of Hope & Resilience

Imagine being 13, with an entire life’s worth of experiences – traumatic and terrifying – packed into those few tender years. That was Shofi Alom. A Rohingya refugee from Burma, his eyes have witnessed horrors most of us can’t fathom. “They’ve been killing thousands...

A Family’s Commitment to Whole-Heartedly Welcoming Refugee Foster Children

When we think about a journey, it often involves stepping outside our comfort zone, going beyond familiar routes and venturing into the unknown. Nicole Snow and her family found themselves on such a transformative journey – the world of refugee foster care. What...

Saying ‘Yes’ to Love: A Foster Mom’s Inspiring Journey

There are those with a desire to fulfill a calling that leads them to do great things. Gabby Rivera, a 29-year-old woman from Panama, is one of these people. Even before she and her husband got married, they had decided to become foster parents. “I wanted to adopt, I...

A Community Comes Together – Ramadan Recap 2023

We are delighted to share with you the heartwarming news of the impact we’ve made on the lives of more than 150 Muslim Foster youth across Michigan this Ramadan. Ramadan is a period of joy and spirituality for Muslims all over the world as we get together to worship,...

Supporting Unaccompanied Afghan Refugee Minors from Afghanistan

More than 1500 unaccompanied children from Afghanistan arrived in the US in August and September 2021, with about 400 arriving in Michigan and placed in a residential facility. Muslim Foster Care Association was one of the first nonprofits to step up to support these...

Providing Halal meat for Muslim foster children in Grand Rapids

Our Halal Meat program started as a result of our ongoing connection with foster families caring for Muslim youth. We are always trying to find solutions to various challenges families face in their efforts to provide loving homes to Muslim youth. Many Muslim youth...

Meet the Board

Dr. Sameena Zahoor

Dr. Sameena Zahoor and her husband with 3 boys of their own, have been licensed foster parents since 2012. They have fostered several Muslim foster youth over the years, ranging in the ages of 1 to 15 years old. They currently provide respite care for Muslim foster families, in addition to being actively involved in their local Masjid. Dr. Zahoor has been involved in multiple health educational initiatives in her community and served on her MCWS community’s Covid Task Force during the pandemic. She continues to practice as a Family Physician, in addition regularly volunteering at a local free medical clinic for adults who are uninsured. Dr. Zahoor co-founded the Muslim Foster Care Association with Ranya Shbeib in 2016, and remains an active Board member, CFO and spokesperson in the organization. 

Ranya Shbeib

Ranya Shbeib is a licensed foster parent, loving mom to 3 children of her own, and the co-founder of Muslim Foster Care Association along with Sameena Zahoor. Over the years she and her family have welcomed several foster children into their caring home – both domestic and refugee. Ranya has a background in education and has worked as a teacher, principal, and school board member. She has spoken at many community events and is a devoted voice for Muslim foster youth at various levels in the foster care system. Ranya holds a Masters degree in Public Health in Community and Family Health Education. 

Gina Shkoukani

Gina Shkoukani serves on the board of the Muslim Foster Care Association advising the organization on various legal issues.Gina is an estate planning attorney at Neal, Geber & Eisenberg LLP in Chicago, Illinois. Gina grew up in Southeast Michigan. She received her Bachelor’s Degree and Juris Doctorate from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to her involvement with the Muslim Foster Care Association, Gina also serves on the Young Professional Board of the Gateway Foundation and advises various non-profit organizations.

Meet the Staff

Khadija Moiz

Executive Director

Khadija Moiz, MEd, alumni of the University of Michigan, is a native Michigander who relocated back to metro Detroit in 2019. Passionate about working with Muslim organizations and giving back to the greater Muslim community, Khadija dedicated more than half of her career to Islamic schools as an educator and administrator. Khadija’s most prominent characteristic is the ability to be a trailblazer which has resulted in advancement and swift promotions throughout her career. As MFCA Executive Director, Khadija brings over 10 years of executive leadership coupled with the ability to be a visionary, allowing her to execute the mission of the MFCA. 

Shereen Abunada

Director of Operations

Shereen Abunada serves as Director of Operations at the Muslim Foster Care Association. In her role at MFCA, she works with the team to oversee the day to day operations, help to educate prospective foster parents on the licensing process, and manage various projects to assist foster youth and support foster families. She holds an honors degree in Communications and Public relations. 

Mona Musaid

Domestic Foster Care Program Coordinator

Mona Musaid joined MFCA as the Domestic Foster Care Program Coordinator. Although Mona comes to us from the corporate world, she has personal experience navigating the foster care system. Mona has been a long time advocate of foster care and is dedicated and determined to ensure that Muslim children in foster care receive the services they need and that their foster families receive the support they need. Her lifetime goal is to revive the beautiful sunnah (prophetic tradition) of kafala (foster care).

Shona Siddiqui

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program Coordinator

Shona oversees the Unaccompanied Refugee Minors program at the MFCA. She works to support the Muslim-identified youth who find themselves in the foster care system. In this role she coordinates resources for foster youth who wish to continue the cultural and spiritual practices of their Muslim tradition, including coordinating access to places of worship and halal foods and offering workshops for foster families and agency staff to provide them with the knowledge they need to support their Muslim charges. She also coordinates and leads cultural programs to help them as they transition to life in a new environment and work towards becoming independent. Shona is a lifelong educator who is passionate about building connections that support young people as they grow into themselves. 

Asha Abdulahi

Community Engagement Specialist & West Michigan Liaison

Asha Abdulahi serves as the Community Engagement Specialist and West Michigan Liaison at the Muslim Foster Care Association. Asha holds a BA in Global Studies in The Arts and Humanities from Michigan State University and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington. She is a lover of all things global and recently completed the Bonderman Fellowship which allowed her to explore parts of Asia and Africa. In this fellowship, Asha was able to engage deeply with communities around the world. Prior to returning to Michigan, Asha brings years of experience in youth development, program management, and community outreach in the greater Seattle area. She is also a Lansing native who is well connected with both the refugee and Muslim community. With a background in the nonprofit and governmental sector, Asha is excited to serve communities in the western part of Michigan.

Nabila Ikram

Social Media Coordinator

Nabila Ikram serves the MFCA as the Social Media Coordinator. In the past, she was involved with foster care in various capacities, such as a volunteer, tutor, and through outreach efforts. After a few years of living abroad, Nabila returned to the U.S. and found herself reunited with the foster care cause. At the MFCA, her role is to highlight and support the work being done and ensure the community is informed and engaged. Nabila has provided marketing and administrative services to various small and large nonprofits and businesses locally and beyond, bringing in years of experience in digital marketing and business support.  


Shaikh Ahmed

Program Manager

Shaikh Ahmed, a Brooklyn native and linguistics enthusiast, holds a BA in Sociolinguistics from Wayne State University, currently pursuing a Masters in Linguistics. With a six-year teaching background, he
transitioned into aiding refugees and at-risk youth.
In his dual role as Program Manager at the Muslim Foster Care Association and Employment Specialist at Catholic Charities, Shaikh combines linguistic expertise with a passion for community service. Notably,
he has successfully resettled 20 refugee families, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on lives.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Shaikh Ahmed finds joy in collecting 5th-century Arabian poems. His unique hobby of preserving these historical verses reflects both his love for linguistics and a deep
appreciation for cultural heritage.
Shaikh Ahmed’s dynamic career showcases his versatility, teaching acumen, and dedication to humanitarian causes.

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