Empowering through Mentorship: Transforming Lives in the Muslim Foster Youth Community

Stories of Impact

It is with immense pride that we shine a spotlight on our ongoing Muslim foster youth mentorship program, which is orchestrating remarkable transformations in the lives of our participants. This initiative embodies our unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of Muslim youth through their journey in the foster care system and enabling them to become contributing members of American society. 

The MFCA Youth Mentorship Program, tailored to Muslim foster youth aged 18-21 in Michigan, offers vital support during their transition to independent living. Our trained mentors, connected by shared faith and culture, provide culturally appropriate guidance, advocacy, and connections to local resources, encouraging positive life choices and helping Muslim foster youth lay foundations for a productive and well-adjusted life beyond the foster care system.

We are delighted to share the inspiring narrative of Ghulam and his dedicated mentor, Fawaz:

Ghulam is a 20 year old refugee youth from Afghanistan, navigating independent life as he transitioned out of the foster care system. Fawaz is an engineer deeply dedicated to the welfare of Muslim foster youth, bringing his passion for mentoring to the table. 

Over the course of the program, Fawaz, armed with his expertise and empathy, helped Ghulam navigate through a labyrinth of challenges, offering not just solutions but unwavering support. From job applications to financial literacy to even their shared interest in Mixed Martial Arts, Fawaz’s guidance opened doors for Ghulam, honed his daily competencies, guided his choices and evolved his thinking. 

The result was transformative – Ghulam secured employment, bolstered his financial prowess, and cultivated essential life skills under Fawaz’s insightful guidance.

Today, Ghulam is enrolled in a CDL certification program of his choice, working with UPS, and has found his footing in Grand Rapids. His aspirations and dreams are no longer distant, thanks to the empowering impact of mentorship.

Stay connected as we continue to unveil these stories of growth and resilience. Your support fuels our drive to create a brighter future, one mentoring bond at a time.

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