Improving the lives of all Muslim children in foster care

Supporting Muslim foster children and those who care for them across the United States through advocacy, awareness, education, and support.

For Future Foster Parents

Learn how you can welcome and care for Muslim foster children in your home regardless of your own faith.

For Existing Foster Families

Whether you are a licensed Muslim foster family or a foster family of another faith caring for Muslim foster kids, we have all the resources and support you need!

For Foster Agencies

Learn more about services and resources for placement agencies and staff involved in caring for Muslim foster youth.

Volunteers & Community

Learn how you can volunteer to help Muslim foster children remain connected to their faith and assist them in their foster care journey.

Reviving the Islamic Tradition of Foster Care – the Forgotten Sunnah

We believe that foster children deserve to stay connected to their communities and be able to practice their faith in anywhere they are placed.

We answer the call of our faith in caring for orphans by supporting Muslim foster children and the foster families and agencies who care for them. We do this through direct services, support networks, and advocacy.

Comfort Packages

Providing foster youth entering the system with basic necessities and Islamic materials to ease their transition.

Ramadan & Eid Program

Providing Eid gift cards and meals for fasting foster youth during Ramadan, and helping staff & families accommodate their youth celebrating the Islamic holidays.

Rent & Utility Support

Providing initial financial assistance for older foster youth transitioning out of foster care into Independent Living.

Educational Sessions

Workshops to educate foster care agencies, and foster families on best practices for caring for Muslim foster children.

Advocacy & Awareness

Raising awareness and advocating for the rights of all Muslim foster children to remain connected with their faith and receive faith-based accommodations.

Support Us

There’s a concerning lack of Muslim families prepared to foster Muslim children

Hundreds of Muslim foster youth throughout the country are living with families of other faiths and struggle to stay connected to their faith and community. Muslim children in the foster care system often find it hard to obtain halal food or attend Jummah (Friday congregational) prayers.

That is why there’s a dire need to make sure that every Muslim child is well-cared for and has all the opportunities they need to practice their faith. 

Muslim Foster Care Association provides many different programs for Muslim foster youth and their families. We partner with foster care agencies to provide educational training for staff and foster parents on caring for Muslim foster children and accommodating their cultural and faith needs. We educate the Muslim community on the need for Muslim foster homes and work with interested Muslim foster parents to navigate the licensing process. We network with Islamic centers, community organizations, and individual volunteers to raise awareness and build support networks.

“Partnering with the MFCA has been a highlight of my recruitment efforts. The MFCA welcomes questions, introduces new ideas and tirelessly collaborates ensuring that every Muslim foster youth is culturally and equitably served. It is an honor to learn from and work with the MFCA. I am so grateful for their support, and excited to continue our partnership!”

Claire Hopkins

Refugee and Immigrant Foster Care Family Recruiter, Bethany Christian Services

“In response to Operations Allies Welcome, the services and direction you provided at the Starr Commonwealth EIS were critical to addressing the culturally appropriate needs of the children. Your staff’s guidance and expertise on Muslim and Afghan cultures created a more hospitable and safer environment for the children. The staff training on dietary guidance, hygiene requirements, behavioral issues, special activities, and holidays were insightful and empowered our staff with knowledge to be culturally sensitive to the children while in our care.”

Cindy Huang

Director, Office of Refugee Resettlement Children and Families

“The MFCA has worked directly with some of my foster families who are caring for or have cared for Muslim youth. They have helped us navigate cultural and religious differences with understanding and generosity. I am grateful for their partnership.”

Eleanor Timmermann

Transitional Foster Care Licensor, Bethany Christian Services