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Our Services

These services are primarily available in Michigan. We hope to extend them to other states in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to us to identify if we can provide you with this support.

Support for Foster Youth

MFCA provides many direct support services for Muslim foster youth. These range from financial assistance in specific circumstances to connection to the Muslim community.


Comfort Packages

When a child moves into the foster care system, they are oftentimes dropped off with just the clothes on their back. To make their transition a little bit easier, MFCA provides welcome packs with necessities and Islamic materials for each youth entering the foster care system in Michigan.

Mentoring, Counseling & Community Support

MFCA links the placement agencies to volunteers within the local Muslim community who can serve as mentors for the Muslim youth. We identify a volunteer who would be the best match for the youth based on their needs.

Financial Assistance Programs

MFCA provides support to Muslim youth aged 18-21 transitioning out of foster care to help set them up for adult life – this includes rent and grocery assistance during their transition.

Emotional Support Visits

Foster youth face many challenges during their journey, and mental wellness is important. During a crisis, MFCA volunteers are at hand in Michigan to meet with a Muslim youth facing a specific challenge in their life. We provide solace and a listening ear.


Youth Education

MFCA provides many training programs for Muslim foster youth. We focus on helping  Muslim youth maintain their faith identity and learn how to navigate the challenges of life in the foster care system.

Halal Meat Program

The Halal Meat program is a supplemental food assistance program for the families of Muslim foster youth. This program aims to ensure that Muslim foster youth have access to halal meat and cultural.

Transition Interviews & Visits

MFCA staff and volunteers are available to assist Muslim youth transitioning into the foster care system or transitioning into different programs. We serve as “cultural ambassadors” for the families and staff, helping them interpret the Muslim youth’s requirements and advocate for their religious rights.

Ramadan & Eid Gifts

Ramadan is a time of great joy for families, but Muslim youth in the foster care system may feel lost and lonely during this time. We provide many resources to enable Muslim youth feel connected to their faith, these range from free Iftar meals delivered to the doorsteps, organizing activities at the local mosque, sending Ramadan and Eid packages to foster families and Eid gift cards to each youth.

Faith-based Items & Clothing

MFCA provides materials such as Qurans, Prayer Mats, Hijabs, Abayas, Kufis and other cultural and Islamic clothing for any Muslim foster youth that needs it.

Connecting Muslim Foster Youth to Local Muslim Community

Faith and culture provides an anchor in times of distress. For foster children, remaining connected to their community can be key to overcoming trauma. Towards this, our aim is to provide a way for Muslim foster youth to stay in touch with their community. We do this by enabling Muslim youth to attend Islamic worship and community services and events, and have access to religious leaders (Imam) when they need it. 

Letters of Gratitude

Services for Foster Parents

MFCA works to provide all potential and licensed foster parents with the tools they need to care for Muslim foster children and navigate the foster care system.   


Support & Networking Groups

MFCA runs several networking groups for Muslim foster families and families that care for Muslim foster youth. These groups act as a source of information, guidance and support and are often led by the families themselves.

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Community Education & Awareness Programs

We regularly hold informational sessions for various community groups and organizations focused on the need for Muslim foster families.

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Guidance for Potential Foster Parents

Prospective foster parents can reach out to us if they need information and help.

Informational Resources

We provide training and information on a variety of topics for potential Muslim foster parents as well as families looking forward to foster Muslim foster youth. Licensed families can reach out to us for many resources as well.

Services for Agency Staff

MFCA aims to partner with foster care agencies who care for Muslim children. We provide a range of services to support caseworkers and educate staff on best practices when caring for Muslim foster youth. 


Training Programs for Government and Private Agency Staff

A key component of the MFCA URM Program, MFCA Training Programs have been much appreciated by agencies across Michigan. We have held a number of training programs on topics including “Islamic accommodations for Muslim Foster Youth”, “Trauma based approach for Afghan refugee foster youth” and “Religious rights of foster youth”. These programs are implemented by MFCA staff and often feature experts in various fields.

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Ongoing Consultation

MFCA staff is available for all placement agencies to answer questions on the nuances of caring for Muslim foster youth. Please reach out to us for any questions you may have or resources you may need.

Informational Resources

MFCA is able to design informational resources on any topic related to the care of Muslim foster youth. Our website has links to several guides and presentations we have developed for placement agencies, staff and families.

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Assistance in Recruitment & Placement

MFCA implements a variety of events and programs designed to encourage more Muslim families to get licensed. We also hand hold prospective Muslim families through the entire licensing process, answering questions and providing support, translation and interpretation.

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Advocacy Services

The Muslim Foster Care Association advocates for the rights of all Muslim children in foster care. Our mission is to ensure that they are able to practice their faith and get all the opportunities that they deserve. 


Our advocacy services include:


Awareness building and community education


Networking & partnership with government agencies and decision-makers

Our Programs

Our programs are focused on providing support to Muslim foster youth, and their foster families with supplemental services and financial assistance.


Comfort Packages

A curated package of Islamic materials and daily necessities for youth moving into the foster care system.

Ramadan Program

Iftar meals delivered to residential living homes during Ramadan, and Eid gift cards for every Muslim youth in the state of Michigan.

Halal Meat Program

Free halal meat packages to supplement for families in Michigan that are fostering Muslim youth. These are offered for the initial 1 to 3 months based on the need.

Independent Living Fund

Financial Assistance Program for Muslim youth aging out of foster care. MFCA offers each Muslim foster youth up to $300 worth of household items and resources that would help the youth make a smooth transition out of foster care.

Rent and Grocery Assistance

Temporary financial assistance for youth during emergencies (such as covid lockdowns) to combat food insecurity and homelessness.

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