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Domestic vs. Refugee Foster Care

There are some significant differences between domestic foster care and refugee foster care: Domestic Foster Care Refugee Foster Care Ages Newborn - 18 y.o Teenagers, typically 16-17 y.o Genders Male/Female Mostly males Goal Reunification with birth parents, unless...

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What it’s Like to be a Foster Parent?

Being a foster parent is a significant time commitment. It involves many meetings, appointments, and time helping the foster child with their needs and adjusting. It requires a lot of patience and conviction in knowing you are doing a selfless act. Bringing a foster...

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What to Expect When Your Foster Child Arrives?

What to expect in the early days? When a foster youth is first placed in a new home, this is typically called the “honeymoon” phase. This is common for older foster youth, as they do their best to fit in and the foster family is full of excitement. The realities and...

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Foster Care in Islam

Why do we need Muslim Foster Parents? There has been a shortage of licensed Muslim foster homes and as a result most Muslim children in foster care have been placed in non-Muslim foster homes. Outcomes for children and families improve when Muslim children are in...

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