Imagine being taken from your home or school at a moment’s notice with only the clothes on your back and some personal items stuffed into a garbage bag.  For many foster children, this case is all too real, and is a sad reality for both foster parents and foster children.

Many foster families find themselves having to buy everything from clothes, underwear and personal items to school supplies within days of the foster child arriving.  Many foster children arrive in their foster families at late hours, and with school and work the next day, many foster parents don’t have an opportunity to visit a clothing store for several days.

Now imagine that you are a Muslim child, placed in the home of a family of another faith. How will you stay connected to their faith without simple items that most take for granted in our own homes: prayer rugs, Islamic children’s books, a Qur’an.

Making a Welcome Package is a small but simple way to comfort a foster child, during a very turbulant time in their lives.

MFCA is working to locate placement of Muslim children in homes of other faiths, as well as with current Muslim foster families, to determine the most useful items to include in Welcome Packages.

To date,  local area Muslims have made and distributed over 200 Welcome and Eid Gift Packages.

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