Ramadan is a time when most children look forward to the special foods, family gatherings and masjid congregations.  It is however an especially difficult time for Muslim foster children, many of whom are currently placed in homes of other faiths.

While our children look forward to family gatherings, special foods, congregational prayers, and gifts, Ramadan can be an especially difficult time for Muslim foster children.Imagine trying to fast in an environment where everyone is eating around you, trying to wake up for sahoor when everyone else is sleeping, or breaking fast alone.

Eid is also difficult time for foster children. Many are faced with the realization that they will not be celebrating with their biological family members. Many wake up on Eid, with no gifts, no new clothes, and no one to take them to the masjid or Eid celebrations.

This is the reality for many local Muslim children who are placed in unrelated foster homes, group homes, or residential facilities. Even those foster children who are placed with relatives struggle around the holidays, as relatives generally do not receive funding to care for these children and often cannot afford to purchase gifts or Eid clothes.

Our hope with this project, is to bring some joy into the lives of these children during this special time, and in a small way, show them that we care.

This year we partnered with the Michigan Muslim Community Council, to organize their Fourth Annual Eid Gift Campaign.