Our Mission

To answer the call of our faith in caring for orphans, by improving the lives of foster children and supporting the foster families who care for them, through community education, support networks, and advocacy.

Our Vision

Every displaced, neglected or abused child regardless of their faith, race or gender find a safe, loving and supportive home.

Our Goals

  • To educate the community about the growing reality of Muslim children in the foster care system, and the need for Muslim foster parents
  • To educate the Muslim community about the Islamic fiqh with regards to fostering and adoption in Islam, and to dispel the myths that prevent Muslim families from fulfilling this Fard al Kafaya (community responsibility)
  • To educate and encourage Muslim families to become licensed foster families
  • Provide assistance and local contacts for Muslim families considering foster care licensing
  • To educate the Muslim community at large about other opportunities to support foster families and foster kids, through mentoring, tutoring, social work, CASA volunteering and respite care
  • Provide support and resources to Muslim children in the foster care system
  • Assist foster children in the transition to independent living
  • To help foster children and their families navigate through the sometimes complicated and overwhelming bureaucracy of the foster care system
  • To educate and provide resources for non-Muslim families that are fostering Muslim children
  • To provide ongoing resources and support to Muslim foster families
  • To provide a support network for Muslim foster parents
  • To advocate for foster children and their families by promoting funding, and legislative changes that will improve the protection and welfare of foster children at the local, state and national level