Are There Any Muslim Foster Care Licensing Agencies?

There are currently no Muslim foster care licensing agencies, however all agencies have to follow the same licensing process.  During the licensing process you can specifically request the age rangegender and religion of the child you are willing to foster.

All agencies go through the same licensing process and your experience with a particular agency may have more to do with the individual case worker assigned to your case than the agency.  In Michigan, there are several agencies who have licensed Muslim families, such as Samaritas,  CSSWOrchard’s Childrens ServicesBethany Christian ServicesMDHHS and Vista Maria.

In Michigan, the largest concentration of Muslim children entering the domestic foster care system appear to be in Wayne County.  Choosing an agency within that county will give a Muslim family the best chance of fostering a Muslim child that enters the system.

If you are interested in becoming a refugee foster parent, there are two agencies in Michigan that receive refugee foster children through the Unaccompanied Refugee Minors program : Samaritas and Bethany Christian Services

There is a lot of interest lately in fostering Syrian refugee children, a statement by Lutheran Immigration and refugee services indicates that it may be quite a while before they arrive in the United States.

It is important to understand that there are currently many Muslim refugee children from other Muslim majority countries waiting for a home to welcome them.  That is, in addition to a significant number of Muslim domestic foster kids that are here in our area that have been placed with in families of other faiths, because we don’t have enough licensed Muslim foster families.

Our hope is that we eventually have enough licensed Muslim foster families to open up their homes to foster children of all faiths as Islam teaches.

What about Foster Care Licensing in Other States?

The following link lists the Foster Care and Adoption Resources by state:

How do I Connect with Muslim Foster Families Near Me?

The progress of establishing Muslim organizations that focuses on foster care in every state is still very much in its infancy.  We are however creating a national database of licensed Muslim foster parents who are willing to connect with other foster parents and prospective foster parents.

If you are interested in speaking with licensed foster parents, please email us and and we will try to introduce you to someone in your area.